+ Make sure to have/eat a balance meals everyday!

+ Drink plenty of water every day, this helps keep you hydrated and functioning at a high level.

+ Drink a sports recovery drink with electrolytes to help restore your body during and after training.

+ Avoid drinking carbonated beverages(soda) they dehydrate athletes body.

+ Do not eat heavy meals right before practice, instead eat small digestible items until after practice.

* Daily Nutrition Examples

Eat banana’s for potassium daily or drink orange juice that contains potassium.
Make sure your athlete is also getting Calcium form milk or other sources.
Eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables help balance your body.
Eat protein daily (beans, [baked chicken or grilled], fish etc.) to repair cells and muscles daily. Eat carbohydrates ( sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, etc..) in moderate rates daily.
Eat good fats ( Avocado, Almond Nuts, etc..) in moderate doses like a cup or half.
Have your athlete take a daily multiple vitamin to ensure proper levels of minerals too.

* The night before the Track Meet

Eat smart and sensible foods, like pasta, spaghetti, baked foods only!
Do not eat Fried Foods or lots of Red Meat the night before your track meets! Finish eating all solid foods before 9Pm to allow for digestion.

* Have a good breakfast 3 hours before competing on race day

No dairy products such as milk for breakfast or with cereal, this will slow you down.
Do not eat bacon, sausage, or any meat for breakfast before you race, this will slow you down. You may have Oatmeal, Pancakes with light syrup, Orange Juice, Toast or Bagels!
You may eat boiled eggs also, and bring some extra to eat later after competing.

* Bring healthy energy base foods and snacks to practice and to track meets.

Fresh fruit ( apples, oranges, bananas, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, applesauce, etc.).
Healthy protein bars, granola bars etc..
Water packed Tuna in small package if you have a two hour wait for next race. Bagels and a healthy spreads ( Honey Nut, Peanut Putter, Honey etc..).
Avoid fried foods until after you are done competing!!

* Important Note

Keep athletes away from the concession stands which is full of processed foods.  The best food is usually what you bring with you to the meet.