Denver Lightning 2018 Indoor Track Meet Schedule

Tentative and Subject to Change

May 26 USATF 2nd Annual Mack Track Elite Invitational (North Stadium) 

June 1-2 Great Southwest (Invitation - Albuquerque, NM)

June 3 AAU District Qualifier (Fort Lupton High School Track, Fort Lupton, CO)

June 3 USATF Nite Moves Meet (Gateway High School)

June 9 USATF Kyle Macintosh Twilight (Valor Stadium)

June 10 AAU District Qualifier (Fort Lupton High School Track, Fort Lupton, CO)

June 15-17 USATF Junior Outdoor Championships (Invitation - Bloomington, IN)

June 16 LIFT Invitational Track Meet (Echo Park Stadium)

June 21-24 USATF Colorado State JO Championship (Legacy Stadium)

June 30 AAU Colorado Regional District Meet (Brighton High School)

July 5-8 USATF Region 10 JO Championships (Legacy Stadium)

July 14-15 AAU West Coast Junior Olympics (Warren High School, Downey, CA)

July 28-Aug 4 AAU National Junior Olympics (Drake University, Des Moines, IA)

You as the parent and athlete will determine your competing schedule. Coaches will determine events based on each athlete.  Component 3 meet fees will be weekly on Tuesday the week of said instate weekly meets. No exceptions. Denver Lightning has to register the team by certain deadlines or athletes can’t compete. There will be a weekly communication sent for the weekly meet(s).

Out of state track meets listed will be due according to said track meet deadline.

All out of state meet fees will be due as outlined in our information document.