What to Bring to the Meet

We strongly encourage all families to bring a cooler with food and drink choices for you and your athletes. 

Have enough food and drinks for the entire day.  Rolling coolers are optimal.

Bring cushions, stadium seats, and portable chairs should you desire to sit away from the stands.

Everyone is expected to clean up their trash and debris.

We encourage the Denver Lightning family to cheer on all of the team athletes.
Don’t forget the sunscreen!

 Meet Info

Athletes' Nutrition

+ Make sure to have/eat balanced meals everyday!

+ Drink plenty of water every day.  This helps keep you hydrated and functioning at a high level.

+ Drink a sports recovery drink with electrolytes to help restore your body during and after training.

+ Avoid drinking carbonated beverages (soda); they dehydrate your body.

+ Do not eat heavy meals right before practice.  Instead eat small digestible items until after practice.

 Parent Meet Preparation

For more Nutrition Information

Meet Schedules:

Meet schedules are subject to change.  You should check the USATF & AAU websites often.