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How to Join

Denver Lightning Track Club runs year round. Denver Lightning actually has two teams, a competitive club level team and a recreation team.  The competitive team and the recreation team are operated by two different organizations.  The competitive team runs in sanctioned competitive meets.  Our competitive seasons run from April through July/August for the outdoor season and from October through mid-February for the indoor season.  The competitive meets are mainly sanctioned USATF and AAU meets.  We also compete in Rocky Mountain State Games and State Games of America. This site is dedicated to the competitive program.  

Recreation season runs from May through July of every year.  Denver Parks and Recreation and the CARA Track Program run the recreation program.  Athletes can join Denver Lightning Recreation Team providing that there is space in the program.  The recreation team fills very quickly,.  Athletes with Denver addresses are given priority for the recreation team.  Registration for the recreation program is through Denver Parks and Rec only.  Please contact them for details.  Registration for the summer recreation program usually takes place in early March. 

Athletes can join Denver Lightning Competitive Team by invitation and by acceptance after evaluation of ability by a coach only.  A coach will also make event recommendations based on the athlete’s evaluation.  Competitive team does not accept every athlete.  If competitive team is not a good fit for the athlete, we will recommend the recreation program,  or a place on the development team, so that the athlete can further develop his/her skills.  You may not register for our competitive team until you have been accepted onto the team.

"Recent returning athletes" will have priority in registration cycles for competitive team.  "Recent returning athlete" is usually defined as those who were on the competitive team for the previous 2 competitive seasons.  If it has been longer than that, the athlete will have to be re-evaluated.  Separate registration is required for each season.  The registration fee structure and practice structure is different for each level.  Please see the “registration” tab for more information on registration and practice.