Materials handed out on the 18th. 

Please ask for a packet if you were unable to attend the parent meeting.

Coming Soon: World Finest Chocolates

Starting November 17: Pastry Puffins

Support Denver Lighting by doing what you do weekly anyway….grocery shop.

We have the club size to make this fundraiser a success.  It is very simple to do.  For every $5000 in purchases, Denver Lightning receives 5% of those purchases.  For example, if 15 parents participate and spend a total of $5000 during the month, the team receives $250.  If parents purchase $10,000, the team receives $500.00.  The more parents spend the more the team earns.

This fundraiser is ongoing as long as we continue to reload our cards and purchase our groceries with our cards.  Safeway reloadable cards are $5.00 and King Sooper’s reloadable cards are $10.00.  The cards are preloaded with $5.00 and $10.00.  Simply add the amount you budget onto your card periodically.

Don’t forget to reload your card before you check out.  You can reload your card before your purchase at the cashier station, the customer service desk, or the fuel desk.​


The Denver Lightning Track Club now has a Team Store, powered by SquadLocker, from which you can order dozens of clothing and gear items with our team logo. Check it out! 

Use Paypal or Cards

Denver Lightning Youth Organization is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  We need funds to offset and assist with many costs, such as banquets and team events, medals or awards associated with those events, uniforms, team gifts for athletes, meet expenses, etc. Participation in fundraising can be done one of two ways: you may pay a fundraising fee per season and/or you may participate in ongoing and one time fundraisers as outlined below.  We greatly appreciate all effort put forth in fundraising.  Also, our parent fundraising committee meets to recommend and select fundraisers.  Please volunteer if interested!

Starting: TBD Yankee Candle